About the brand

Sabai Thai is a Family-owned business, existing on the market since 1973. We are one of the leading certified manufacturers of cosmetics in Thailand. Our cosmetics are already present in over 60 countries worldwide.

Thailand is known for the abundance of herbs and fruits that are being used as natural ingredients in body care cosmetics, medicine, and Thai cuisine. For centuries, herbalists have developed a unique composition of plants that we use in our products.

Sabai in Thai language means happy or relaxed. We want the daily rituals performed at home with our cosmetics to be a moment of pampering for you, a break from everyday rush. Don’t wait for the weekend, Friday, holidays to start enjoying your life. Celebrate each day, appreciate the moments, and enjoy them. The Sabai Thai brand helps you to find happiness in small things.

Our cosmetics work holistically by taking care of the body and soul. That is why our products contain natural ingredients valued for their regenerating, soothing properties, delaying aging processes, and restoring the skin’s glow, silky smoothness, and hydration.

We know that aromatherapy can improve the mood, bring back good memories, and fill you with a feeling of comfort and well-being. Which is why the scent of our products have amazing relaxing properties and lead to a state of pleasant relaxation.

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